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She's a girl. She's a beauty queen. [entries|friends|calendar]
Kiss & Kill Me Sweetly

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( 006 break like glass)

application [27 Feb 2005|01:10am]

[ mood | calm ]

+ Name: Ashton
+ Age: 18
+ Location: Georgetown, Texas (right outside of Austin)
+ Favorite Bands: The Smiths, Death From Above 1979, The Cure, Moving Units, 25 Dollar Massacre Cursive, etc.
+ Why would we want you? I'm cute and you're in need of members/activity.
+ Any last words? That'll do.

+ At least 3 clear FACE SHOTS of you behind the cut.Collapse )

( 001 break like glass)

[10 Dec 2004|03:52pm]


+ Name:  Elizabeth...but eh, just call me Lizz if you want
+ Age: I am currently 14
+ Location: Royal Oak....which would be in Michigan
+ Favorite Music Bands: Spice Girls = the all time best group ever, lol....Evanesance,Dashboard,Ani Difranco, LETTERS TO CLEO,Limp Bizcut, Tatu, Yeah YEah Yeah's!
+ Why would we want you? uh, I am applying, lots of people will see that i am  a member here if accepted(many ppl view my LJ)....i'm cute...i think,lol
+ Any last words? hmm...Trust in yourself~
+ At least 3 clear FACE SHOTS of you behind the cut. this is what i came here for....


My LJ cut for YOU to click at till you pass outCollapse )

( 001 break like glass)

[02 Mar 2004|04:41pm]

sorry i've been inactive and gone for awhile i will get to promoting, i've been in new york this winter my first time to the east coast it was awesome. anyhow i've also been doubling up on highschool and college classes but im here now and im not dead


(break like glass)

[14 Feb 2004|08:18pm]

this community is dead, i'm out.

and so it's not text only..

it was fun while it lasted..Collapse )

(break like glass)

Stamped... [13 Feb 2004|09:41pm]

But my name isn't on the list?

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