Elizabeth (luckerster) wrote in sexypsychotics,

+ Name:  Elizabeth...but eh, just call me Lizz if you want
+ Age: I am currently 14
+ Location: Royal Oak....which would be in Michigan
+ Favorite Music Bands: Spice Girls = the all time best group ever, lol....Evanesance,Dashboard,Ani Difranco, LETTERS TO CLEO,Limp Bizcut, Tatu, Yeah YEah Yeah's!
+ Why would we want you? uh, I am applying, lots of people will see that i am  a member here if accepted(many ppl view my LJ)....i'm cute...i think,lol
+ Any last words? hmm...Trust in yourself~
+ At least 3 clear FACE SHOTS of you behind the cut. this is what i came here for....



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